Community cohesion

Slough is a super diverse town. One of our greatest strengths is that we have always celebrated diversity and we have a long-standing history of accepting and welcoming different people, from across the UK and from around the world.

However, our work focuses on much more than just race and ethnicity – it is about all the things that make our lives different, but also the many common aspirations and values we hold as a community or place.

Community cohesion has always been an important element of what the council and partners do. We have carried out numerous programmes and projects over the years to help foster better relations between and within our local communities.

The Slough Wellbeing Strategy identifies the following vision for Slough, that by 2028:

“People are proud to live, where diversity is celebrated and where residents can lead safe, fulfilling, prosperous and healthy lives.”

Residents, the council, and local organisations have been working hard to unite people to celebrate the borough and to work together to build a cohesive and stronger community.

A cross-party community cohesion group was set up in October 2014 to encourage awareness, debate, and engagement around any issues which could potentially affect community cohesion in Slough.

A statement from the group said: "we are committed to working with our residents to strengthen community cohesion in the town and highlight what role communities can play as part of this work. Slough has a history of welcoming difference and we want to continue to build on that.”

Local organisations database

Slough Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS) has a database of contact details for more than 300 local community, voluntary and self-help groups, clubs and societies and other resources and facilities in Slough. Residents can use this to search for local groups, news and volunteering opportunities across the borough.

Local community groups can add and edit their own details, events and news into the database. For more details about the database please contact the SCVS on 01753 524176.

For more volunteering opportunities please go to the Do it website.