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Slough Carers Partnership

Slough Carers Partnership Logo, showing a range of people who could be carers

Slough recognises the important role carers provide within Slough’s diverse community, promoting the wellbeing of others. It is crucial they are valued as expert partners and supported to lead as full a life as possible alongside their caring role.

The Slough Carers Partnership  is a group of partners including unpaid carers that meets regularly to oversee and support the implementation of Slough’s Carers Plan 2021-22 and any future plans to support carers.

Aims of the partnership

Aims include:

  • working together to oversee implementation Slough’s Carers Plan 2021-22 and any future plans to support carers
  • identify new carers including young carers in Slough to ensure they have access to information and advice to support them in their caring role
  • raising awareness and understanding about the needs of all carers within Slough’s diverse community
  • adopting a coproductive approach ensuring carers are equal partners, valued, listened to and have a strong voice
  • making decisions together about influencing local services
  • working and engaging with the wider community on a range of issues relevant to carers
  • supporting task and finish groups as required to help deliver the plan
  • developing effective innovative ways of engaging with carers
  • working together to develop and promote support for carers in the local community
  • responding to local and national policy drivers and good practice
  • working with other strategic groups and networks within Slough to share information.


The Partnership is accountable to:

  • Health & Social Care Partnership Board
  • Children and Young Peoples Partnership Board.