Consultation and engagement

Why we consult

Everyone who lives, visits or works in Slough can help to improve the services they receive and influence the decisions made by the council.

The council is committed to putting time and energy into listening to, and working with, residents and other stakeholders, through consulting and involving people in Slough when reviewing and implementing services that best meet the needs of the different communities we serve.

Have your say - current consultations


End date

Arvato in partnership with Slough Borough Council would like to hear your views about the delivery of our customer service, from what we do well to what we could do better. If you have recently contacted the council on any matter, we'll be grateful if you would take the time to complete a short, three minute survey:

Why are we gathering this information?
Your views are important to us and using the data, which is anonymous and confidential, we will work to improve any areas that need attention.

Wednesday, 15 March, 2017
Langley transport infrastructure improvements. Ongoing

Past consultations

Information about and the results of past consultations: