Homeless or at risk

The council has a duty to help some people who become homeless. If you need help, call in to the Customer Service Centre at MyCouncil and speak to an advisor.

Slough works hard to identify the causes of homelessness and to apply the appropriate remedies and initiatives to reduce homelessness in the borough.

Temporary accommodation

The council may have a duty to give accommodation if you are homeless. The types of accommodation we offer depend on:

  • the size of your household
  • any special needs you may have 
  • the availability of accommodation at the time you need it.

We have:

  • hostels - owned and managed by the council
  • accommodation provided to us by housing associations
  • specifically adapted accommodation for those with a physical disability.


Hostels are furnished with fridges, cookers, beds, tables and clothes storage. We do not supply items such as bedding or kitchen utensils. The hostels have 24 hour management cover.

Housing association properties

These are all self contained but are only partly furnished. Most do have fridges and cookers.

Homelessness strategy

In May 2008 we published our homelessness strategy. This helped us to bring all of the work we still need to do together in one plan. Because homelessness is not just a housing issue, the strategy shows how housing, social services, health services and the voluntary sector will work together to reduce homelessness. It will also ensure there is sufficient supply of housing and appropriate support for people who need it.