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Outdoor gym locations

Green gyms

We have installed a number of outdoor gyms in parks and recreation grounds across Slough.

Enjoy the great outdoors and get fit at the same time!

Equipment in the outdoor gyms includes cross trainers, static cycles, resistance machines, hand cycles, sit up benches, parallel bars and box jumps.

You can find your nearest outdoor gym at:   

  • Bloom Park, Goodman Park, Langley, SL2 5NP
  • Brammas Close, Slough, SL1 2TP
  • Buttermere Avenue Park, 25 Buttermere Avenue, Slough, SL1 6EF
  • Chalvey Recreation Ground, Ladbrooke Road, Chalvey, SL1 2TS
  • Cippenham Recreation Ground, Station Road, Slough, SL1 6JJ
  • Deerwood Park, Earls Lane, Cippenham, SL1 5TD
  • Eltham Avenue, Richards Way, Slough, SL1 5EU
  • Faraday Recreation Ground, Franklin Avenue, Slough, SL2 1RX
  • Godolphin Recreation Ground, Godolphin Road, Slough , SL1 3DN
  • Grampian Way, Langley, SL3 8UG
  • Granville Recreation Ground, Waterbeach Road, Slough, SL1 3JT
  • Harvey Park, Tamar Way, Slough, SL3 8TA
  • Kedermister Park, Reddington Drive, Langley, SL3 7QD
  • Kennedy Park, Long Furlong Drive, Britwell, SL2 2PQ
  • Langley Memorial Park, Langley Road, Slough, SL3 8HF
  • Manor Park, Villiers Road, Slough, SL1 3AA
  • Maplin Park, 51 Market Lane, Slough, SL3 8BH
  • Mercian Way Recreation Ground, Mercian Way, Cippenham, SL1 5LY
  • Norway Drive, Norway Drive, Slough, SL2 5QW
  • Pippins Park, 21 Raymond Close, Slough, SL3 0PP
  • Rochford Gardens, Uxbridge Road, Slough, SL2 5XA
  • Salt Hill Park, Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3SS
  • Springate Field, Springate Field, Slough ,SL3 7DH
  • The Cherries, The Cherries, Slough SL2 5TS
  • Upton Court Park, Upton Road, Slough, SL3 7LU
  • Upton Lea Mirador Crescent, Slough, SL2 6LN

10 reasons why people use outdoor gyms:

  1. Free to use facilities
    "There is a huge amount of appetite for the facilities. In our experience it has been really welcomed, incredibly busy and people really support them and enjoy using them. For local people it certainly seems an improvement, having free-to-access facilities.”
    Richard Barker, Director of Community Services at Westminster City Council
  2. Flexibility and low pressure
    "I come because indoor gyms put me under a lot of pressure and this facility is much closer to my house and much more flexible for me to access."
    Toyin, TGO gym user
  3. For inspiring outdoor lessons at healthy schools
    Year 10s at La Mare de Carteret High School in Guernsey do interval training at their local TGO gym in Saumarez Park.
    Eco Sixth Form College, Sir George Monoux, were TGO’s pilot partner for a world’s first TGO Green Energy Gym in 2013. Their gym features TGO Cardio Charge equipment which harnesses students’ energy to charge their electronic devices. Click to watch their launch video with MP Stella Creasy.
  4. For active ageing
    "I use this facility frequently in an effort to maintain fitness. The equipment is reliable and allows me the opportunity to meet people in the open air."
    Local reverend, TGO gym user
  5. For inclusivity
    TGO outdoor gym equipment has always been designed to be compliant with Inclusive Fitness guidelines.
    Students with epilepsy at St Piers School use their TGO outdoor gym equipment to stay active. Chief Executive of Young Epilepsy, Carol Long, said: "Our students will particularly benefit from this wonderful addition to our campus that will not only be a great space for them to keep active, it will also have a profound effect on emotional and mental wellbeing."
  6. To create healthy work places
    The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy installed an outdoor gym to give a boost to physical activity in working hours, choosing TGO to deliver robust, physiologically-sound equipment.
    Chief Executive of CSP, Karen Middleton, said: "What we're trying to do is raise the profile of the issue of inactivity at work, which is obviously contributing to the fact that all of us are not taking enough exercise. Basically, we know that improved physical activity will improve your physical health, your mental health and your performance at work."
  7. To give kids the best start in life
    In 2015/2016, 40% of children in England’s most deprived areas were overweight or obese, compared to 27% in the most affluent areas (State of Child Health Report 2017).
    TGO’s free-to-use, accessible facilities break through key barriers to physical activity identified by Sport England, including cost, access and time.
  8. To get fit whilst helping the planet
    TGO invented and piloted Green Energy Gyms in the UK and have now taken our concept worldwide, with over 60 installations featuring our technology. Our gyms capture the energy from people's workouts, converting it to watts - to charge phones, power lights or send electricity back to the grid.
  9. For family activity with social benefits
    "It's great coming here as I can come with my husband, get the benefit of fresh air and exercise, plus I can chat with other women."
    Luzolo, TGO gym user
  10. To aid recovery from physical disease
    Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley prescribe exercise sessions to their cardiac patients at their TGO gym, as part of their recovery process. In December 2016, the BBC came along to check out the action.
    See the full Dudley Healthy Towns evaluation above for more.