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Case studies and feedback

Kristians Rautenbergs, 9, Judo 

Kristians started judo nearly two years ago. His journey began at Willow Primary school as an after school club on Tuesdays. As time went on, Kristians started to enjoy this sport and at the same time he was doing well. When the judo club finished, sensei Basil told us he had his own club that Kristians could go and train at. I was very happy because judo had a positive affect on Kristians behaviour. He was improving at school at that time, getting better at judo.

Kristian has now got a yellow belt in judo and is regularly attending tournaments. In his first year as a red belt and competing professionally, he had a good year. He won numerous medals, including a few golds, some silver and a lot of bronze.

While he has been training and competing in the tournaments, he has become a different child .His behaviour has completely changed in school and at home. Kristians has always has been a challenging child in school for the teachers, but since he has been doing judo, I am only smiling. The teachers have noticed the difference and all I hear is how good he is doing. His concentration has improved and his listening has improved.

I am very proud of Kristians and judo is the best thing for my child as a sport. Most importantly he enjoys judo, wants to train and wants to get better and better. He has met some new friends and they support each other which is just brilliant. We (parents and the kids) are like a big family; we support each other and share our wins and losses.

Hiten Chouhan, 51, Badminton/ MANvFAT Football

When I started participating in the Active Slough project I was not doing any physical activity and in the process of recovering my health condition [anxiety, hypertension and depression]. I found Jack Steadman to be very friendly and encouraging towards getting involved the Slough Active project. I felt motivated to volunteer and help in the hope that it would lead to future opportunities to lead and run activities to help people recover/improve their health.

Due to my condition, I experienced how important health is when it comes to living life to the full. Due to my involvement in the Active Slough project I felt more positive and energetic in my daily life and started to take on more each day. The health problems are still there but I have them under control because my attention and focus has been diverted into many other directions. I am looking forward to taking a bigger role in the Active Slough project. I have started some training and hope to get involved in helping more people discover more to life as they begin down the road of becoming more active.

I have lost significant weight and feel better as a result. I have met many new people and made friends on this journey. I recently joined the man-v-fat and lost more weight and improved my diet. Most importantly my mental health has improved significantly and major changes to my spirit and daily mood. I was on ESA when I started the project but now I am strongly on the move back into work. I look regularly to promote the Active Slough project because of the way in which it has energised and improved my life.

Richard King, 68, Healthy Walks

As a younger man I was very active and took part in a lot of sport, especially football. However, with work, family and other responsibilities I haven’t prioritised sport over the years. If I do take part in sport it usually involves watching it on the TV! Because of this I have lost a lot of my fitness and recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I once had diabetes before, but effectively reversed the effects due to some exercise. This was a while ago and since doing almost nothing since then, it has come back.

I was looking for something light to get me back into exercise and spotted the Active Slough leaflet in The Curve. I have since attended multiple walks and I feel a lot fitter. My diabetes severity has since dropped again, and I even go out walking on my own.

These walks have made a huge difference in my life. No way would I be walking around on my own for personal fitness, I couldn’t go far enough for it make a difference and I had no motivation to go on a short walk. Now I’m part of weekly walking groups I have met many really great people that gave me the confidence and motivation to come to the walks.

Sue Cummings, 83, Seated exercise

I used to attend yoga classes in Cippenham once a week, but after they increased the price for these classes the attendance gradually dropped. As a result the yoga was cancelled and I was struggling to find an alternative form of activity that I looked forward to.

I ride my bike for short journeys, but I often experience phases of dizzy spells so I’m always conscious of doing too much on my own, with no yoga too, there’s not much available for me in Cippenham.

I had never tried seated exercise before, other than yoga or Pilates in a chair, and obviously cycling is done sat down! But, I could not have been more impressed with these classes. They are perfect for anyone, like me, who wants to do a bit more exercise without it being too hard. I’m always anxious about doing new things, especially sport/activity; however the instructor (Jack) has given me real confidence in taking part. Each week the classes seem to get a little harder, but I’m keeping up!

I have never done anything on my own, but because this type of class can be taken home I was up for giving it a go. I’m never as confident doing exercise at home, because you haven’t got the reassurance an instructor can give. Over time I have built up the confidence to do seated exercises almost every day, I even do it at the bus stop while waiting.
These classes have been magnificent for me, my confidence has improved massively, I can cycle further and I’ve made some new friends.

Madhu Hafiz, 49, Bhangra Dance London- Bhangra class

I have been attending BDL Bhangra classes for about 6 months now. My initial approach to these classes was very light-hearted. I had never expected to become such a dedicated and regular attendee. These classes have given me an opportunity to benefit in many diverse ways. I can honestly say they have had a profound effect on my wellbeing.
Mr Asa Singh who leads these classes portrays a high level of enthusiasm and energy which naturally encourages you to do your best when learning the dance techniques.

You can feel the electrifying atmosphere as the music blasts through the room and everyone moves at their own pace creating a wave of satisfaction. It is evident from the comfortable ambience that each member of the BDL team takes great pride in providing a professional and yet personal service. You can clearly see the passion and drive they bring to the class as all participants finish with a smile on their face and a desire to attend the next class.

Since joining I have increased my stamina, lost weight and feel great overall. This has contributed massively to my mindset about taking care of my health and fitness. I would happily attend more classes if they were available. I enjoy the discipline in the class which pushes you achieve your next level of fitness.

By offering these classes Active Slough has created excellent opportunities for people of all backgrounds to come together in a positive environment where they can make new friends, build confidence and burn those calories, resulting in increased self-esteem. I have met a significant number of likeminded people looking to achieve a happy and healthy life!