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Non-statutory advocacy

Generic Community Advocacy (GCA). This supports individuals and carers to engage with services in the public, private and voluntary sector in situations not covered by specific legislation but where there is a need for an advocate. Generic Community Advocacy can be delivered in a range of ways including self-advocacy, peer advocacy, and group advocacy. The service will meet the varied and diverse needs of the borough of Slough:

  • older people
  • carers
  • adults with learning disabilities, mental health, physical disability, autism, autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and sensory impairment
  • transition
  • substance misuse
  • people whose first language is not English.

Advocacy in Slough will offer a self-advocacy training programme for service users and carers. This will train people to become more aware of their rights, health and social care processes and support/treatment options. This enables people to be more able to advocate for themselves and provide information to others.

Service users and carers who have successfully completed self-advocacy training may be offered the chance to train as volunteer advocates providing they meet the general requirements to become part of the service’s workforce.