Rejected or missed bins

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Find out why your bin may have not been collected and measures you can take to make sure it is collected next time.

Make sure your bin lid is closed

If your bin is overfilled, remove items until the lid stays shut.

Place your bin in an easily accessible location

Your bin should be clearly visible, placed by the pavement but not causing any obstruction to pedestrians or cars. The bins should be placed with the handles towards the road.

Check your collection day

Bins should be ready to collect by 6am on your bin collection day.

If there is a flyer hanging on your bin handle, remove incorrect items

Example of flyer that may be hung on your red bin handle if the wrong items are in it.If you find your bin has a flyer or leaflet hanging from its handle, this means there are wrong items inside it. Check which items are allowed to go inside your bin, and then remove any items not listed.

Remove heavy items from your bin

Bins weighing over 30kg will not be collected for Health & Safety reasons. If the bin is too heavy for you to move easily, you may need to remove some items to lighten it.

Remove excess rubbish

If there is excess rubbish by the side or on top of the bin, it will not be collected. Please take excess rubbish to the Chalvey Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Use a council issued bin

We only collect bins issued by us, Slough Borough Council. If you are using a different bin not listed here your rubbish will not be collected.

If you believe your bin was missed, rather than rejected, for collection, you can report this.

Report a missed bin

If you have already reported a missed bin, you do not need to report it again. Instead, please leave it out for the next scheduled collection.

Contact Environmental Services

How to contact the Environmental Services Team