Commitment ceremonies

In a commitment ceremony, a couple makes a public declaration of their lifelong commitment and love for each other. It is a way for them to celebrate without having a legally recognised marriage or civil partnership. It has no legal status.

The council’s registrar team can perform these ceremonies in:

  • any venue of the couple’s choice – the venue does not need to be registered
  • a private home.

Please note, the registrar will need to visit the premises in advance to make sure all safety regulations are met.

The cost of a commitment ceremony is:

  • Monday – Friday: £487
  • Saturday: £562
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays: £732

If the couple want a legal ceremony at The Curve first, this is included in the cost. This covers the couple and two witnesses, and it includes one marriage certificate. To find out more, contact the registrars team.

Please note the Registration Services cancellation and refund policy applies.

Contact the Registrars team

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