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Copy certificates

How to request and pay for a copy certificate

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and registration services

Please see coronavirus and births, marriages and deaths for the latest information.

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A birth, death or marriage entry is held in Register Office in the district where the event took place. If the event you are looking for took place in a district other than in Slough, you should contact the relevant registration district, who will be able to assist you.

If you are requesting a copy of a marriage certificate where the marriage took place in a religious building fairly recently, then we may not yet have a deposited register from the church / temple. In these cases you should request your copy certificate from the church or temple where the ceremony took place. We will be able to advise you whether you need to do this when you apply for your copy certificate.

How to get a copy of a certificate

By post

Your letter should contain the following information for each certificate being applied for:

  • Name of the person (and the name of their partner in the case of a marriage/civil partnership).
  • Date and type of the event (Birth/Death/Marriage/Civil Partnership).
  • Place of birth or death.
  • For a marriage/civil partnership, the location where the ceremony took place. For example the church/ register office/approved premise  (eg: hotel).

In person

You can apply in person at our office during our normal opening hours - see contact us for details.

By telephone

You can contact us by telephone  to order a copy certificate.

Fees and payment

  • Copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, on the day of registration, cost £11 each. 
  • Copies of certificates from current registers after the day of registration cost £11. 
  • Copies of certificates from completed registers cost £11. 
  • Copies of civil partnership certificates cost £11 for all certificates ordered on the day the partnership is signed. Any certificate ordered after this will cost £11.

All copy certificates must be paid for before we issue them.

Payment can be made by: 

  • credit or debit card (this method should only be used for telephone or in person requests - please do not send any financial details by post)
  • Postal Orders (payable to Slough Borough Council).

Please be aware that Slough Borough Council is not liable for any certificates that are delayed or lost in the post.

Contact the Register Office

Contact the register office