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Building regulations submission guidance

These notes are for general guidance only, particulars regarding deposit of plans are contained in Regulation 13 (Submission of Building Notices), Regulation 14 (Submission of Full Plans Applications), and Regulation 21 (Regularisation) Building Regulations 2010.

If you require further guidance or assistance with the submission of your application, please contact us.

Supplementary charges

A Supplementary Charge may be required where the amount of Building Control input is more than originally estimated and paid for. For instance, where there are substantial alterations to the building work and/or additional inspections are required beyond those originally estimated for the type of work. Any supplementary charge will be notified to the relevant person in writing with a breakdown of the charge and how it is calculated.

If anyone other than a Part P registered electrician undertakes the electrical work then a supplementary charge is payable. Visit the Building Control Charges Sheet for more information.

You are strongly advised to always insist your contractor is Part P registered.

Signing the application

The applicant will be required to sign this application. The applicant is usually but not always the building owner. It is the person commissioning the work and normally paying for the work.

Information to be submitted

The following information should be submitted together with the completed application form.

Building Notice and Full Plans submissions

You must submit two copies of the following:

  • drawings, to a metric scale of at least 1:100, showing the existing and proposed layout of the property. These should include floor plans (all habitable floors), elevations and all relevant dimensions. The drawings should also show the use of each room
  • a block plan to a scale of at least 1:1250 showing the size and position of the building and its relationship to adjoining boundaries, and the location and type of all trees within 30m of the proposal.
  • drainage - drawings to show the provisions of drainage from the property
  • structural calculations and details to confirm the adequacy of beams and other structural members.

Please note, 48 hours notice must be given prior to the commencement of the works.

Full Plans submissions

Two copies of plans showing full constructional details and structural calculations of the proposed works drawn to a suitable scale. This requires a thorough working knowledge of the Building Regulations and construction in general. For this type of application you are advised to seek professional advice if you do not have this knowledge.

If the work is to a premise where the Fire Safety Order applies then four copies of the plans will be required.

Please note, 48 hours notice must be given prior to the commencement of the works.

Please remember that if you are in any doubt as to the knowledge or expertise available to you to carry out the proposed work, it may be preferable for you to make a Full Plans application. This will give you the additional security of knowing your plans have been thoroughly approved by us in advance.

Building over or adjacent to sewers

As of 1st October 2011, the drainage to the property may have been adopted by the Local Water Authority. This means that a formal approval from the Water Authority may be needed to build over or adjacent to any sewers. For further information on this, please visit the Thames Water website or call 0845 0709 150.

Charges payable

Subject to certain exceptions, a Building Regulations submission attracts charges payable by the person on whose behalf the work is carried out. The charges payable are dependent upon the type of work proposed, according to the following guidance.

Full Plans

There are usually two charges you will pay:

  1. Plan charge - this is payable when you send us your plans
  2. Inspection charge - this will cover all planned visits to the building site and is payable once work has commenced on the site.

Building notice

The charges payable must be submitted in full at the time the Building Notice is deposited.

Charge scales are set out in our Building Control Charges Sheet.

Your application may consist of several elements of work and in such a case will attract a charge for each separate element. For an example an extension and internal alterations would attract two separate fees.

Refunds and cancellations.

Should you find circumstances have changed or you wish to cancel the application, please contact us.
Please note, there will be an administrative charge of 20% of the total fee for any application which is cancelled.
Please note: Regularisation Applications cannot be cancelled. 

If work is not commenced

If work is not commenced within three years of depositing the plans to Building Control, the Council declare that the deposit of plans is of no effect under the provisions of Section 32 of the Building Act 1984.

A Building Notice is valid for three years from the date the notice was given to the Council, after which it will automatically lapse if the building work has not commenced.

Town & Country Planning Acts

If you are proposing to carry out building work or make a material change of use of a building please note that permission may be required separately under the Town & Country Planning Acts.

Party Wall

If your proposals involve works to, or near to a Party Wall or boundary, The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 may apply to you. You are advised to consult a qualified Party Wall Surveyor. Alternatively, please contact us for a copy of The ‘Party Wall etc Act 1996’ explanatory booklet.

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