Cremations fees and charges

These prices are for both Slough residents and non residents.

Price information 1 April 2024 - 31 March 2025

  • Cremation Service – 30 minutes chapel time
    Monday to Friday 9am to 3.30pm
    • Adult, 17 years upwards:   £960.
  • Direct Cremation (unattended service)
    Monday to Friday 8am to 8.45am
    • Adult, 17 years upwards: £425.
  • Cremation Service - 60 minutes chapel time
    Monday to Friday 9am to 3.30pm.
    • Adult, 17 years upwards: £1,275.
  • Additional chapel time – 30 minutes: £315.
  • Saturday Cremation Services
    9am to 11.30pm
    • Adult, 17 years upwards (30 minutes chapel time): £1,920.
    • Adult, 17 years upwards (60 minutes chapel time): £2,235.
  • Cremation Service - 30 minutes chapel time
    • Foetus, stillborn infant or a child under 17 years: No charge.
  • Bearer: £45.
  • Drop off coffin prior to service - on same day: £85.
  • Late arrival/departure fee: £315.
  • Saturday scattering of cremated remains
    (cremated at Slough Crematorium): £180.
  • Scattering of cremated remains
    from other crematoria (Monday to Friday): £110.
  • Saturday scattering of cremated remains
    from other crematoria: £220.

Max Coffin Size for Cremation - 86" Length by 38" Width.

Additional information

All chapel service times includes entrance to and exit from the chapel.

All cremation fees include any environmental levy. The cremation fee includes chapel use and music played from the Obitus system, medical referee's fee, witnessed/unwitnessed scattering of cremated remains (weekdays) in the garden of remembrance, or supplied in an environmentally friendly cardboard cremation box.

An organ is available for use in the chapel – organist fees are not included in the cremation fee and should be arranged via your Funeral Director.

Audio visual webcasting services fees

All audio visual services should be ordered via your Funeral Director from Obitus.

  • Live + 28 day + downloadable.
    The live webcast, plus access to a recording of the webcast to watch or listen again for a further 28 days: £55.
  • Keepsake copy (DVD/Blu-ray/USB stick)
    A recording of the webcast on a DVD, Blu-ray, USB memory stick or audio CD and sent in a presentation case: £60.
  • Additional keepsake copies
    For each additional copy of DVD, Blu-ray or USB stick of anything already ordered (available up to 4 weeks after service): £30.
  • Blu-Ray or Audio CDs are available upon request.

Visual tributes

  • Single photo (first): Free.
  • Second and each subsequent photo: £15.
  • Basic slide show (up to 25 photos): £50.
  • Music Tribute - Typically include up to 25 photos and a personalised title, all presented in a video. Each transition is created manually, and timed to coordinate with the chosen music – starting and finishing at exactly the right moment: £80
  • Family made - Any kind of pre-made film, including home videos, and editors double-check all videos for quality. Any music played at the same time will need to be embedded in the video: £30
  • Themed Tribute – A photo montage with a difference; users can choose from a range of themes and have up to 25 photos professionally edited and timed to their chosen piece of music: £100
  • Video Book – A portable video of the service, tribute or both. Families will be able to revisit their service wherever or whenever, set in its own A5 electronic screen with 5 functional buttons, encased in a linen-wrapped ‘book’: £95  
    • Additional copies: £50
  • Memory Box – The family have the option of choosing up to 25 photos to be professionally printed and delivered in a bespoke lined-wrapped box along with the recorded service, tribute or both, on DVD or USB stick: £130
  • Download of tribute: £15.
  • Extra 25 photos: £30.
  • Additional support
    Extra personalisations to make a service extra special. This covers any revisions, or major departures from a standard product, including: Changes if a tribute is already made OR it’s after 2pm on the last working day before the service (whichever is sooner): £30.

View of the crematorium via livestream, shows seats, podium etc

Please be aware:

  • The view is from a fixed point camera as displayed above.
  • This is a public building and the timing of the live webcast is semi-automated to allow for services running early or late – please use your discretion if you can see or hear activities not applicable to the service you are there to access (for example the beginning or end of another service or surfaces being wiped down between services).
  • The webcasting system is a basic single-camera at the back of the chapel and reliant on a lot of things outside of our control (e.g. a user's internet speed). Unfortunately, we cannot accept liability if this service is unavailable.