What are business rates

'Business rates' or non-domestic rates are a charge on most non-domestic premises. This includes most commercial properties such as shops, offices, pubs, warehouses and factories.

This tax is a contribution towards all council services and not an individual service offered by the council.

If you use a building or part of a building for business, you may have to pay business rates.Your premises will be given a rateable value by the Valuation Office Agency. Find out how rates are calculated from the GOV.UK site.

If you work from home, you will not be liable for business rates unless you have structurally changed a section of the property for business use. For more details, please contact us.

If you pay business rates, you may be eligible for rate relief.

To register for business rates, please contact us (details below) and let us know:

  • the property address
  • the date you became the occupier
  • and your contact details.

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