Business rates summons

We apply to Slough Magistrates' Court to issue a summons for non-payment of business rates. This happens when payment has not been made after a reminder or final notice was issued.

Court costs will be added to your bill, both costs must be paid before the hearing.

About the court hearing

The court hearing does not look at your personal / business finances. Its purpose is to decide if you owe the amount demanded or not.

You don’t have to go to the hearing if you do not dispute you owe the amount stated.

You have the right to attend the hearing, which is held online. Before the hearing date, please let us know you wish to attend and we will give details.

What happens in the hearing

The council will seek to obtain a liability order. This allows further recovery action to be taken to collect any outstanding business rates.

If you are unable to pay the outstanding amount in full before the instalment date and would like to make an instalment arrangement please email The arrangement offer must clear what you owe before the end of March.

If there is another reason that your business rates have not been paid (e.g. you are not liable), please contact us on 01753 772220 as soon as possible before the hearing date so we can try to help you avoid incurring further costs.

Liability order

If a liability order is obtained at Slough Magistrates' Court and you have not agreed a payment plan or contacted business rates, your debt will be passed to an enforcement agent to collect without further notice.