Small business rate relief

Who the scheme is available to

Businesses that occupy properties with rateable values less than £15,000. From 1 April 2012 there is no restriction on the number of properties occupied if claiming small business rate multiplier only. The small business rate multiplier is automatically applied.

A further discount is available to businesses that occupy:

  • one property with a rateable value less than £15,000 in England effective from 1 April 2017.
  • one main property with rateable value less than £15,000 and other additional properties, providing those additional properties each have rateable values of less than £2,900 effective from 1 April 2017 and the total rateable value of all the properties remains under £20,000 effective from April 2017. (The relief will only be applied to the main property, the other properties do not qualify for relief).