Enrol on a course

Book an assessment

To enrol on a course you will need to attend an assessment session with us.

Please call 01753 476611 for more information on how to book an assessment.

As part of the assessment you will need to bring

  • identification for example a passport or driving licence
  • some evidence that you on benefits if you are on a benefit such as universal credit
  • a payment card if you need to pay for the course.

The assessment takes up to an hour and will be about the subject you are interested in and allows us to offer you the course at the level that best suits you. You will then be registered on that course.

You can also contact us using the online form for more information.

We enrol on our qualifications courses three times a year: September, January and April.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm at the Learning Advice Point at The Curve.