Corporate complaints

Before you start

Your complaints help us know where we need to improve.

Formal complaints about council services will only be investigated if you have already reported your issue to the correct service area for a resolution. We may reject your complaint if there is no evidence that you have already done this.

Informal resolution

Most concerns that are raised with the council can be resolved without you needing to make a formal complaint. These include requests for service such as missed bins, noise concerns etc. which can be raised directly with the service involved or logged using our online forms – check out Report it.

Please check before you make a complaint to see if there is a form available.

Some departments have different complaints processes:

What the complaints procedure does not cover

We cannot respond to all complaints but if we are unable to investigate your complaint, we will let you know and advise you what the correct process is.

Please refer to the examples of the sorts of issues not covered by our corporate complaints procedure:

  • first time requests for services such as reporting faults (for example a faulty street light)
  • where an appeals procedure exists to deal with the issue, such as an appeal concerning a parking ticket, a planning application, a SEND decision, or a Housing benefit decision
  • formal complaints about the service, or a lack of service, provided by the Adult's or Children's services departments, for which there are statutory complaints procedures
  • where the council has no power or duty to provide service
  • complaints about schools (including academies) and colleges
  • complaints that are submitted anonymously (although we may still investigate the issue)
  • it is about personnel matters (such as your employment, payroll or disciplinary issues)
  • insurance claims against the council - Please note that claims against our partner organisations and contractors may need to go through their own insurance departments.

A comprehensive list can be found within our two stage corporate complaints procedure.