Council tax final notice

A final notice is issued if you miss at least two instalments within the same billing year, or you owe an amount for a previous year.

If you receive a final notice, you have lost your right to pay by instalments and must pay the full amount within seven days. Please check out how to pay council tax to make full payment.

If you are unable to pay the full amount you can request a payment arrangement.

If you have moved out or should not be liable

If you have received a notice for an address you have moved out of, please report a change of address.

If you believe you should not be liable for council tax, you can submit a liability dispute using the Council Tax enquiry form. You must pay the amount due on the notice while you are waiting for a decision.

If you did not receive the bill or reminder

If you did not receive the bill or reminders then you can check them on your Self-serve account. You must pay the amount shown on the notice. Not receiving a bill or reminder notice is not a valid defence against a summons. 

Waiting for the outcome of an application

If you have not paid while waiting for the outcome of an application then the notice is correct. You must always pay your council tax while waiting for a decision on any type of application.

If you have recently set up a Direct Debit, check your Self-serve account to see if it has been set up. You will need to pay any payments shown as outstanding.