Enforcement agents

Enforcement visit

Enforcement agents will visit if you:

  • do not arrange to pay the enforcement agents or
  • arrange to make payment and then don't.

If they visit there is a fixed fee of £235 plus 7.5% for any balance due above £1500.

The enforcement agent will normally ask you for payment in full. If you can't, the agent will normally make a repayment arrangement with you. The agent may then start a Controlled Goods Agreement, where they make a list of your possessions that is equal in value to your debt.

If your possessions are subject to a Controlled Goods Agreement you cannot dispose or sell them without the enforcement agent’s permission.

If you do not sign the Controlled Goods Agreement the enforcement agent can take your goods whilst he is at your property. There will be an additional cost of £110 plus 7.5% for any balance due above £1500 if goods have to be removed and sold.

If you don't pay as agreed and you have signed a Controlled Goods Agreement, the enforcement agent may enter your property, to take the goods listed.