What is Self Service and how to use it

The Self Service portal gives you access to bills and payment information for:

  • council tax
  • business rates
  • housing benefits and council tax support
  • landlords.

You can also make updates and some payments.

Sign in or register to check your account within the Self Service portal.

Set up your Self Service Account

To set up your account you will need to go to the Self Service portal and will be asked to provide some basic details:

  • email address – please enter this carefully
  • username – may be based on a name or word or you can use your email address
  • password – must be 8 characters long
  • security question – choose from a set list of options.

You will be sent a link in an email called “Registration Activation”. Follow the link to confirm your account

You can find a step by step video guide to setting up your account How to set up your Self Service account video.

Sign up to services

  • Council tax: register and manage your account and payments.
  • Business rates: manage your account and payments.
  • Housing benefits and council tax support: check your payments and be notified of any changes.
  • Landlord: check details of housing benefit payments for your tenants, be notified of changes

When you add a service, you will need to enter:

  • your council tax or business rates account number
  • your claim reference number for housing benefit and council tax support, or
  • your creditor reference number if you are a landlord.

You must also enter the same name that is on your bill or statement. For example, if the name on your Council Tax bill appears as John Smith, you must enter John Smith.

You may also need details such as:

  • your bank details used for an existing direct debit
  • the amount of your last payment
  • your postcode or
  • your address.

How to reset your password

Use Forgot my password to reset it. You should receive an email to allow you to create a new password.

If you have forgotten your user name

Use Forgot my username to receive an email reminder.

Note, your username can be the same as your email address.

Self Service support and advice

For more help, check out How to set up your Self Service account video.

If you have any problems with your Self Service account, contact the Council Tax team.