Unauthorised encampments

Prevention and clean up

What measures can we take to prevent unauthorised encampments?

On land owned by Slough Borough Council, measures have been taken to safeguard a number of open spaces by installing railings, fences and bollards. All council staff and contractors are responsible for ensuring the security of spaces when on site. If you see an open gate on SBC land, please report it on 01753 475111.

Private landowners are advised to make arrangements to ensure the security of their land at all times.

Cleaning up

Responsibility for cleaning up after an unauthorised encampment lies with the landowner.

Where land belongs to Slough Borough Council, clean up will take place as soon as practicable after the encampment has moved on.

Where land is privately owned, it is the responsibility of the landowner to clean up. Where necessary and appropriate, SBC can take action against the landowner if this is not done in a reasonable space of time.