Report drug related activity and drug litter

Drug litter

The council has systems in place to remove dangerous drug paraphernalia quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of the public.

Anyone who finds drug litter, in particular needles or syringes should not touch it and immediately report antisocial behaviour online.

Please give details of the location of the litter and approximately how many needles there are.

The council will arrange for a trained professional to collect the paraphernalia safely and quickly. Drug paraphernalia includes any equipment used for drug taking.

This might include: 

  • needles or syringes
  • cans
  • bottles (used to make bongs)
  • pipes
  • spoons
  • silver foil

If you, or a member of your family receive a needle stick injury:

  • do not suck the wound
  • encourage the injury to bleed by gently squeezing it
  • wash area with clean soapy water for at least five minutes
  • cover with a waterproof plaster 
  • seek medical advice immediately from your GP or A&E department.