Water safety on the Jubilee River video

You can go to the YouTube site to access the Safety on the Jubilee River - remembering Michael Scaife video with an interactive transcript - select the 3 horizontal dots icon and choose "Open transcript". Please note the video may autoplay.


[Photo on screen of young man in a woolly hat with the text: This is Michael Scaife from Slough. He was 20 years old when he died of cold water shock in the Jubilee River, Slough, in August 2015]

[Jade Spilsbury, friend of Michael:] Knowing that there isn't a grave to go to but there's that bridge

[Text on screen: Now the friends and family of Michael Scaife campaign to warn others of the dangers of the Jubilee River]

[Jade Spilsbury:] [He] ended up going out with them to the river and a few of them was jumping off the bridge. One of them decided to jump off, got themself into a bit of trouble. Michael tried helping as well as Joe, but Michael ended up in a worse situation. As soon as I see his head go under the first time that was it. First thing I immediately done was ring the ambulance.

[Sonia Scaife, Michael's mother:] One of his friends got out the car, gave me a hug and said "Sorry I couldn't get 'im." We found that his body probably had cold water shock. Jubilee river has hidden undercurrents and they reckon he got trapped.

[Jade Spilsbury:] The current is too strong and they can't fight the current. It's just making their parents in the same position as what Michael's parents were and it's not fair.

[Sonia Scaife:] And the plaque that we wanted was to try and let people know who died and why the names, why the bridge has been named it.

[Jade Spilsbury:]  Stop and think what they are doing. What they are putting other people's lives in positions for.

[Sonia Scaife:] Just don't go in. You don't know what's hiding in this river. You don't know what's in there. You could have landed on debris, people throw trolleys in rivers. Dangerous stuff.

[On screen photo of a family holding a photo of a young man, and another young man and the text: Three years after Michael's death two young men died within weeks of each other in the Jubiilee river: 17 year old Dajarn Daly and 22 year old Nayeeb Ullah Naiziri]

[Photos of the river and diver going into a river. Text reads: "We will never know how many people Michael's story may save just by changing their minds about going into open bodies of water like the Jubilee River" Sonia Scaife]

[Black screen with the text: All bodies of water like rivers, canals and reservoirs have hidden risks, even to the most experienced swimmers.]

[Black screen with the text: In an emergency, call 999 and tell the person in the water to float on their back or find one of the safety buoys nearby.]

[Black screen with the text : For more information visit Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Water Safety page https://www.rbfrs.co.uk/your-safety/out-and-about/water-safety/]