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Out of school childcare

Breakfast, after school and holiday clubs

Out of school clubs run before school, after school or during school holidays. They are open to school aged children, usually four – 14 years or up to 16 years for children with additional needs.

Breakfast and after-school clubs offer play opportunities such as sports, drama or arts and crafts and can sometimes support children with homework. Clubs may run on school sites but they can also be based in community centres or Children’s Centres. They may be run by the school or by a private provider. Clubs that operate in community or Children’s Centres collect children from school and take them to the club where they stay until they are collected by their parents.

Childminders also offer out of school care to children of all ages including those attending nursery schools and classes. They will collect children from school and care for them in a home environment.

Out of school clubs may have to register with Ofsted. Those that care for children under five years old or children aged five to eight years for more than two hours a day will have to register with Ofsted unless they are run by a school for their own pupils. Clubs that only care for children aged over eight years old do not have to register.

Parents who use registered childcare or childcare that is offered by schools may be entitled to claim back some of the cost of childcare through the Tax Credit / Universal Credit or Childcare Vouchers / tax-free childcare scheme.

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