Support Together Early Education Resources (STEER)

Slough Early Years and Prevention Service have developed a package of inclusive materials, practical resources and ideas to support fundamental elements of early years learning and development.

They include links to other useful websites and professional organisations. They can be accessed on different devices, making it user friendly and easy to navigate and return to.

These are intended to reach and support families with young children during COVID-19 and beyond.

Bursts for Learning

Bursts for Learning 0-5 is a collaborative working document made by early years teachers, professionals and Slough Children’s Centres.

It was made to reach and support families with fun and easy home learning ideas for children 0-5 years. It includes:

  • many ideas and practical activities
  • videos to watch together that bring stories and activities to life
  • also helpful links to websites which give tips and advice on learning and development.

Social stories

These social stories help children to understand the many changes they have noticed and experienced around them, especially during COVID-19. It helps a child understand a small part of their social world and how to function appropriately within it. It will help to develop their social skills and understanding.

It will be useful for children with: 

  • autism
  • other social processing disorders
  • English as a second language (EAL).

Outdoor learning

Experiencing the outdoors as a safe, fun and enjoyable learning environment is important. Most children love being outside when it's a space where they can explore, challenge themselves, take risks, experience the awe and wonder of nature and have access to sensory learning opportunities.