Working in early years and childcare

Types of roles

There are many different roles associated with the profession, ranging from managerial roles to hands-on assistant jobs. Of course, if you intend to work in early years and childcare, it’s safe to say you think you’re good working with children. But it’s best to have an idea of a more specific role, so you can make the most of your skills and strengths, particularly as working with children requires a lot of dedication, patience and enthusiasm.

Some of the most common positions found in childcare include working within nurseries and schools, with in preschools and playgroups, childminding and playwork.

To help you work out what steps to take to begin your early years and childcare career, you will need to decide what type of role you would like to move into. There a many different roles and career path you chose will determine your next steps. The National Careers Service website outlines details and pathways for a number of roles which you may find helpful. Additionally please read the various case studies of people already working in early years and childcare in Slough.

Once you have an idea of the role that you would like to do, it is quite likely that you will need to think about obtaining a relevant qualification. There are many providers locally that offer early years and childcare qualifications.