SEN - our approach

Our strategic vision

In Slough our vision for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) is:

"Investing in and developing good quality local provision which is responsive and meets the needs of children and young people with SEND within Slough".

This includes our whole hearted commitment to investing in and developing schools provision for the children of Slough. Our ‘local first’ approach will make sure children and young people’s needs are at the heart of our service planning. In Slough we are proud of the SEND education provision we are delivering which enables more children and young people with SEND to remain in the borough. Our future expansion programme and creative approaches ensures this work continues.

Our pledge for children and young people with SEND is to ensure they:

  • achieve well in their early years, at school and in college
  • are well cared for
  • have their health needs met
  • have choice and control over the key decisions that affect them.

This SEND vision will be guided by the following key principles in which we will:

  • identify children and young people with SEND as early as possible in their lives, and ensure timely intervention and support
  • ensure parents, carers and young people have a say over the provision of services they require and are engaged in the planning and provision of SEND services
  • support educational settings and providers so they can respond promptly and flexibly to the needs of children and young people and work towards agreed outcomes
  • commission coordinated, personalised education, health and care support for children and young people who need specialist support, aimed at helping them to achieve well at school and in training and employment, and are able to live lives which are as independent as possible within their local communities
  • have clear expectations of services we commission and have robust service specifications and contract monitoring systems in place to ensure value for money and improved outcomes
  • provide maximum choice for children, young people and families about how the resources available to support them are used, with personal budgets extended to as many families as possible
  • ensure effective information sharing and communication between partners and agencies in our delivery of SEND services.

For more information about the Local Offer and services for children, young people with SEND and their families, please contact the Family Information Service on: 01753 476589.

If you'd like to speak with a member of the SEND team please call: 01753 787676.