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How to register

Register online

Make your vote count. You can easily register online.

In order to vote, your name must be on the electoral register. Not everybody is entitled to become or remain registered, as this will depend on:

  • nationality
  • age
  • immigration status
  • and whether the person is resident at the address where he or she wants to be registered. 

There is no automatic registration of electors from other records, such as council tax.

How to register as an elector

You will need to complete an application to register as an elector. You can do this at any time:

Online registration service

The online service is free, quick and easy to use. If you register using that service you can ask for an email acknowledgement of your application when it is being sent to the electoral registration office.

The electoral registration office will contact you once your application has been received and processed either to confirm your new registration or to ask for more details.

Paper-based registration

You could instead ask us to send you a registration form by post, which will take a few days. Email the electoral registration team with your name(s) and address.

Registering to vote with no fixed address

If you do not have a permanent address, you can register at an address where you spend a substantial part of your time or have some connection. This may be because you are:

  • a patient in a mental hospital
  • homeless
  • a merchant seaman
  • part of the gypsy or travelling community
  • living on a boat or other moveable residence
  • a person remanded in custody
  • a guardian of a commercial property.

Then you can register by way of ‘Declaration of Local Connection’. The form you need to download and complete is called Register to Vote (no fixed or permanent address) England & Wales.

Please return paper forms to Electoral Services, Observatory House, 25 Windsor Road, Slough, SL1 2EL.

If you are staying at an address for an extended length of time then you can be considered as residing there and can register for that address. This could be:

  • a hostel
  • a temporary accommodation
  • or similar place.

Then you can register directly online or request a paper form by contacting Electoral Services.

Changing your name

If you have changed your name you will need to update your details - you can do this using the Register to vote service from GOV.UK.

The electoral register and the open register

There are two versions of the register. The electoral register is available for inspection at the electoral registration office and at the Library at The Curve, but can only be copied by hand.