Preparing for emergencies

Prepare a grab bag

A grab bag is a prepacked bag that is usually kept near your front door to grab on your way out of your property if you must evacuate for an emergency.

The items in your grab bag and should be able to keep you informed, safe and give you few essential supplies should you need to evacuate your home. Everyone in your household including children should know what this bag is for and where it is kept in case it is needed.

The items you can have in the bag will vary depending on your household but here is a list of items to consider:

  • house insurance emergency telephone number
  • landlords contact details
  • layout drawing of your property
  • next of kin
  • GP details
  • prescription details and 1 day’s supply of current medication
  • food and drink i.e., power bars and bottle of water
  • small amount of cash or bank card
  • phone charger lead and power bank
  • space blanket or warm jacket.

For your pets:

  • veterinarian details
  • collapsible bowl
  • bottle of water and a days’ worth of food
  • blanket
  • toy
  • lead and Collar with ID tag
  • microchip details
  • name and number of someone who can look after your pet should you not be able to.