Air quality

Air quality management areas

Air Quality Management Areas are defined geographical areas where air pollution levels are, or are likely to, exceed national air quality objectives at relevant locations (where the public may be exposed to harmful air pollution over a period of time e.g. residential homes, schools etc.).

Within Slough there are four Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) declared due to breaches of the annual mean concentrations for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) of 40µg/m3. Details of the existing AQMAs in Slough can be found on this page. More detailed maps can be found on the DEFRA website's AQMAs interactive map's page.

Designated Area 1

Includes land adjacent to the M4 along the north carriageway (junctions 5-7) and south carriageway (junction 5-Sutton Lane).

Designated Area 2

Incorporates A4 London Road east of junction 5 M4 as far as Sutton Lane.

Designated Area 3

Incorporates the A355 Tuns Lane from junction 6 of the M4 motorway in a northerly direction to just past its junction with the A4 Bath Road and A355 Farnham Road, known as the "Three Tuns".

Designated Area 3 Extension

Tuns Lane Junction known as the “Three Tuns” and 30 Bath Road and also includes Quadrivium Point. The map may be viewed at the Council Offices

Designated Area 4

Incorporates the A4 Bath Road from the junction with Ledgers Road/Stoke Poges Lane, in an easterly direction, along Wellington Street, up to the Sussex Place junction.

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