Pests and infestations

Pest control treatments for domestic properties

Domestic properties

We offer a range of pest control treatments for both domestic and commercial premises.

To book an appointment, for a domestic property, please use the online booking portal - Total Pest Control (UK) Limited booking form. Or, if you need advice please telephone 01753 373988. Bookings cannot be taken by telephone. Pest control services are available 9am - 5pm every day.

Slough Borough Council do not currently offer a housing benefit or OAP subsidy for pest control.

Please find below a list of some of the common treatments and links to booking.

Pest control treatment Cost of treatment Length of appointment
Bed bugs £48 (up to 2 bedroom property 45 minutes
Black ants £48 30 minutes
Cluster flies (information only) Email
or call Total Pest Control (UK) Limited
on 01753 373988 to get a quote
Cockroaches £90 (up to 2 bedroom property) 45 minutes
Fleas £48 (up to 2 bedroom property) 45 minutes
Glis (dormouse) £100 30 minutes
Mice £33 15 minutes
Moths £48 (up to 2 bedroom property) 45 minutes
- the council also offers
a Rat advice leaflet (PDF)
£33 15 minutes
Silverfish £48 30 minutes
Squirrels £100 30 minutes
Wasps £40 30 minutes

Payment will be required prior to the treatment being carried out.

Further information can be found on the council contractor's website Total Pest Control (UK) Limited.

More information on pests is also available on the website Total Pest Control (UK) Limited - information about Pests.