Chemical waste

Some products are perfectly safe to use in every day life, but are considered hazardous when it comes to disposing of them. This means they require specialist treatment, using safe and environmentally friendly disposal or recycling methods.

It is illegal to dispose of household or garden chemicals or their wastes in drains, sinks or toilets as they can cause harm to human health, wildlife and the environment. Do not dispose of these chemicals in your home bins or red recycling bin. Only washed empty chemical containers should ever be disposed of in your grey refuse bin. Always read the information on the container.

How to dispose of chemical waste

  • Do not put liquid chemicals into your grey refuse bin or red recycling bin.
  • Take chemicals you wish to dispose of to Chalvey Household Waste Recycling Centre, free of charge.
  • Leave the chemical and hazardous materials in their original container. If they are not in their original container, use a clearly marked suitable storage alternative.
  • Never mix chemicals as they could give off poisonous or toxic fumes.

Banned chemicals

Two EU Regulations resulted in the withdrawal and ban of some household chemical based products. These regulations were the Creosote (Prohibition on Use and Marketing) (No.2) Regulations 2003 (SI 2003 1511) and the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

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