Child employment

Children and Young persons Act 1933 to 1963, (as amended by the Education Acts 1944, 1976 and 1996 and the Children Act 1972). The Children (Protection at work) Regulations 1998.

If you intend to employ a young person who is of school age, you, as the employer, are legally responsible for applying for a work permit for them. A young person reaching 16 years of age between the start of the school year and 31 August remains of compulsory school age until the last Friday of June in that year i.e a 16 year old in year 11 needs a work permit.

The permitted hours for employing young people are shown below. A work permit must be obtained at least two weeks before you intend the employment to commence. Regular employment checks are carried out by the Attendance Service to ensure the safety and well being of the young person.