Civil wedding premises licences

You can apply for a marriage/civil partnership licence to hold weddings or civil partnerships in appropriate buildings.

Licences are valid for a five year period. You can then renew your licence for three years at a time, subject to a successful renewal application.

How much does it cost?

  • Initial application £3,242.
  • Renewal application £2,366.

Payment can be made by cheque.

How to Apply

You can get an application form from the Register Office.

Complete and return the form along with the payment to the Register Office.

How long does it take?

Licences are normally granted within three months from the date of your application.

What is involved?

A number of criteria need to be met before a licence will be granted. Marriage / Civil Partnership premise licence guidance notes and conditions are available from the Register Office.

Please note a licence can be revoked or withdrawn at anytime after the licence has been issued, if the licenced venue fails to meet the agreed conditions at any point.

Contact the Register Office

Contact the register office