Demolition notices

Section 80 of The Building Act 1984

Any building that is larger than 50m3 will require a demolition notice to be issued before demolition work can begin.

You must submit your application no later than 6 weeks before the intended start date.

When making your application, you will need to include:

  • a demolition method statement
  • a site plan showing the building to be demolished.

The fee to process your application is:

  • Section 80 & 81 Building Act 1984 and counter-notice £310.00 per building or structure to be be demolished.

Apply online for a demolition notice.

We will:

  • confirm receipt of your application within 10 days and issue an invoice for the fee
  • issue the counter notice within six weeks after the fee has been paid.

You should not commence demolition until you have received a demolition notice. Commencing demolition without a valid demolition notice is an offence, and you may receive a fine.

You must notify adjacent occupiers and your gas, electric and water suppliers of your intention to demolish a building.

If the demolition counter notice is issued, we will send copies to your gas, electric and water suppliers, the fire service, and several departments of the council, including environmental health, health and safety, land charges, and council tax.

If you are unsure if you need a demolition notice, please contact us for advice before starting work. 

Scaffolding or hoarding

When demolishing a structure, you may also need to erect scaffolding or hoarding. If these structures are on or over the public highway they will require a license. For more information, please go to our scaffolding and hoarding page.