Street trading consents

Street trading applications

Food & Safety

To register as a food business, please contact the Food & Safety team.

Trading Standards

For business advice relating to products, please contact Trading Standards.

Application procedure

Please note, applications for new sites or splitting of sites are not considered at:

  • SEGRO as this is their private land
  • Farnham Road or;
  • Slough Town Centre.

Before making an application for a Street Trading Consent, the following criteria must be met for the trading site:

  1. Obtain written permission from the land owner. If the land is public land, then written permission from Slough Borough Council's Highways Department will be required.
  2. There can be no parking restrictions in force at the site.
  3. Trading cannot cause any form of obstruction to any highway or footpath.
  4. Trading cannot be in a place that can be considered as 'dangerous'.

Once the above criteria are met the following must be submitted to the licensing team;

  • completed application form (email the licensing team at for a form)
  • deposit of £500
  • basic DBS criminal record check - (please note that basic checks must be applied for through the Disclosure & Baring Service. Disclosure Scotland checks cannot be accepted).
  • valid passport and appropriate visa 
  • 2 additional forms of identification (please see page 3 of application form).
  • 1 passport size photograph of all applicants and nominated persons.
  • a plan of the preferred trading site
  • written consent from the owner of any private land where trading is to take place
  • 1 colour photograph of any vehicle, stall, stand, trailer being used for trading
  • copy of Public Liability Insurance (£5m)
  • certificate or accreditation for food safety/hygiene (only certificates or accreditations obtained within the last 3 years will be accepted).

There will be a 28 day consultation period for any street trading consent application. The Licensing Team will consult with the following:

  • Thames Valley Police
  • Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Ward Members
  • Slough Borough Council – Planning
  • Slough Borough Council – Highways
  • Slough Borough Council – Transport
  • Slough Borough Council – Trading Standards
  • Slough Borough Council – Parking and Development
  • Slough Borough Council – Food and Safety Team
  • Slough Borough Council – Neighbourhood Enforcement Team
  • The owner or occupiers of any property within 100 meters of the proposed site.

Applications can be made for short term /temporary consents on a daily, weekly monthly, quarterly and six monthly basis. In all cases, the full application for the grant of a street trading consent must be submitted. Thereafter the application form for a short term /temporary consent must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the first date the consent is due to commence together with the appropriate fee for that period.

If you wish to apply for street trading consent or have any queries please email the licensing team at