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Taxi information

Private hire

Private hire vehicles must be booked in advance with a private hire operator.

The vehicle should display a yellow private hire vehicle licence (known as a plate) on the outside rear of the vehicle. The driver should be wearing or clearly displaying a photo ID badge which details their:

  • name
  • licence number
  • the expiry date of the licence.

Taking a journey in a private hire vehicle that has not been pre-booked can lead to the driver, vehicle and passengers being uninsured. It can be dangerous to use a private hire vehicle that has not been booked. The driver is not acting under the control of their operator and may be bogus.

How many passengers will they carry?

Private hire saloon vehicles can carry four passengers and people carriers can take up to eight passengers. The licence plate will state how many passengers that vehicle can carry.

How much will the fare cost?

Slough Borough Council does not set the fares for private hire vehicles. The fares are calculated by the operator. It is advisable to agree the fare with the operator/driver before you start the journey.