Weddings at approved venues

Personalising your ceremony

We will give you a wedding or civil partnership wishlist to complete. This tells us how you would like to personalise your ceremony.

You must complete and return the wishlist at least 7 days before your ceremony.

Your ceremony at the Slough Register Office is a civil ceremony. This means that it is not possible to have any religious content, including:

  • religious music
  • religious readings
  • religious words.

You will need to send us a copy of any readings or words you want to use, so we can confirm they are suitable for the ceremony.

If you want music played during the ceremony, you need to arrange this with the approved venue.

Civil partnership

If you are forming a civil partnership, holding a formal ceremony is optional. The only thing that is legally required is for both parties to sign the partnership schedule in the presence of:

  • a civil partnership registration officer
  • 2 witnesses.

We would encourage you to make the occasion as memorable for yourselves and your guests as possible.


If you are marrying, you are required to have a ceremony, where legal words must be spoken to be legally married.

Around the basic ceremony, you can add many other features to make you day special to yourselves, including:

  • music
  • readings
  • involving friends and family during the exchange of rings.