Slough's Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

climate change

The council has published proposals on how to eliminate the borough’s contribution to climate change and how to achieve it over the next 20 years.

The Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan is a draft document which sets out how the borough can address sources of carbon emissions. This includes how buildings in the borough can become more energy efficient and how to address car dependency among other issues.

The proposals also include how Slough will adapt to the risks of climate change, such as extreme heat and flooding.

The strategy and action plan has been developed with the support of the sustainability consultancy, Anthesis Ltd, and as part of its development the council has held a series of workshops engaging with stakeholders from the built environment, transport, waste, natural environments, residents, community groups, youth groups, public services and the private sector.

The plans are to tackle five key areas including what the council and other stakeholders in the borough can do and focuses on following:

  • reducing emissions from our estate and operations
  • reducing energy consumption and emissions by promoting energy efficiency measures, sustainable construction, renewable energy sources, and behaviour change
  • reducing emissions from transport by promoting sustainable transport, reducing car travel and traffic congestion, and encouraging behaviour change
  • reducing consumption of resources, increasing recycling and reducing waste
  • supporting council services, residents and businesses to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The council has set a target of borough-wide carbon neutrality by 2040, with an ambitious stretch target of 2030. This was outlined in Slough’s Climate Change strategy vision in June 2021. This target complies with the UK’s national target of net zero emissions by 2050 and a reduction of 78% of emissions by 2035 relative to 1990.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for sustainable transport and the environment, said: “This is the chance for residents to comment on what is a complex analysis of a hugely important issue for us all.

“I hope people will take the opportunity to help map out our future direction.”

For more information and to comment on the plan before the end of the month, visit Slough's Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan.

Published: 9 September 2021