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A4 safe active travel surveys launched – have your say!

The council has launched two surveys for residents and those working in Slough to have their say about how safe active travel on the A4 is achieved.

Congestion can lead to wider issues relating to road safety, worsening air quality and lower levels of fitness. By encouraging safe, active travel, it’s possible to move some way to reducing these negative impacts.

The online surveys are running until Wednesday 22 December.

The first survey is focused on active travel, specifically on an A4 cycle route. The council is currently assessing existing cycling and walking facilities along the A4 between Huntercombe Lane and Uxbridge Road, and looking at how the route could be changed to accommodate all levels of cycling ability, while also making walking improvements where possible. This is an opportunity to let the council know your views on your active travel journeys in Slough, and then tell them about cycling and walking issues along the A4. Or if you don’t currently cycle or walk in Slough, why you don’t. To complete the survey go to:

The second survey focuses on the council’s A4 Safer Roads scheme and you can have your say about road safety on the A4. As part of the Department for Transport’s Safer Roads Fund (which has just won a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for the “fine example of collaboration” and the “outstanding achievement” of the overall programme) the council was awarded close to £1.7 million, which will be dedicated to making the A4 safer for those living, working and travelling in the area. To complete the survey go to:

Completing these surveys will help the council locate and shape any improvements using local knowledge. Both schemes are fully grant-funded by the Department for Transport, and running public surveys is a requirement of the funding.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for sustainable transport and the environment, said: “We hope as many residents as possible will complete the surveys and help us plan future improvements for the A4. As a council, local knowledge is always incredibly important to us when planning transport schemes, and we look forward to hearing residents’ views and views from those who work in Slough.” 


Published: 22 November 2021