Is 70 special for you this year?

Image of the Queen's jubilee logo

Slough Borough Council is on the hunt for residents, businesses and charities for whom this year is also a platinum year.

The council is planning an event to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and wants to invite local people to whom 1952 is also a special year.

The event, hosted by the current Mayor of Slough, councillor Mohammed Nazir and the newly elected Mayor for the municipal year 2022/23, will be held on the evening of Thursday 2 June 2022 at Arbour Park.

Mayor of Slough, Councillor Mohammed Nazir, said: “This year marks 70 years that our Queen has been on the throne and as part of the national year of celebrations, we want to share the moment with local residents who also find this 70 year period is special for them.

“Whether you were born in 1952 or belong to a charity or business that has been in Slough for 70 years or more, we want to hear from you so we can invite you to our celebrations.”

The event is invitation only and number are limited.

The council wants to hear from:

  • residents born 1952
  • businesses who were in Slough in 1952 and still are today
  • charities or community groups who were working with local people in 1952 and still are today
  • schools or organisations which were opened or began in 1952 and are still here today
  • newspapers which were in the town in 1952 and still are today
  • retailers who were in the town in 1952 and still are today

Each invitee will be able to bring a plus one.

The event is still in the planning stage but will include refreshments for all invitees, free car parking, entertainment and special commemorative goody-bags. As part of the evening, the Mayor will also be lighting a commemorative beacon as part of the national beacon lighting ceremony.  

Mayor of Slough, Councillor Mohammed Nazir said: “I am honoured to be hosting this special celebration marking this amazing moment in history.

“As a town we have the youngest population in the UK, however, I know there are people out there who have known life or business for as long if not longer than the Queen has been our monarch.

“I am looking forward to talking all those invited to hear their stories from the past and the present whilst we celebrate this historic milestone of a much-admired lady.”

To join the council in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, call 01753 875194 or 01753 875088 or e-mail and tell us why this 70 year period is special to you.

Published: 6 April 2022