Slough’s wellbeing is just champion

A Slough charity has arranged for a group of dedicated Community Wellbeing Champions (CWC) to travel around Slough checking if residents are well with life post pandemic.

Slough CVS and #OneSlough are using the trusted faces of these Champions to help promote take up of the vaccine as well as to see how residents are coping with the day-to-day life changes brought about by the ever changing rules and regulations regarding Covid-19.

The new project will reach far and wide to every corner of Slough with wellbeing the main aim and to encourage those who have not done so, to take up the offer of the vaccine to protect themselves and their family and friends from the potentially dangerous complications of the virus which can affect anyone. It is vital that as many young people as possible take up the vaccine to protect the vulnerable from getting hospitalised and maybe dying from the virus but it also protects young people from the debilitating effects of Long Covid which can keep people housebound and ill for many months. Some people with Long Covid have yet to return to normal life long after the virus has left their bodies.

Jamie Green, Chairman of Slough CVS and organiser of the Wellbeing Champion Project said “We will be out all across the Borough covering festivals, community events and knocking on people’s doors. We are all people from Slough who want to make a difference to the wellbeing of residents and we are already out there in the community. Wherever you are in Slough you will never be far from one of the CWC’s”.

If you get a knock on the door from these friendly faces, take the time to have a chat about your wellbeing and any concerns you may have about the return of normal life post Covid. They will have all the information and contact details to help you move on and get on with a normal life again.


Published: 12 April 2022