Apply now for £150 rebate

Residents eligible for the £150 council tax rebate can apply now.

Thousands of direct debit payers have already received their money, but now those who pay in other ways can also apply. 

Letters are being sent out to those eligible, but they can apply online before it arrives.

They will need:

  • their council tax account number
  • their bank sort code and account number
  • an email address. 

On the online form, residents will be asked to verify their account to confirm they are an eligible household. 

This is through the government’s Spotlight system. If the system rejects the claim, for reasons such as the bank not sharing data with the system, the bank account being a business account or the bank account being less than three months’ old, the council may need to credit the £150 to the individual’s council tax account. 

If the name, address or bank details are incorrect, it will delay the application being processed, so please double check all entries.

Save the form progress as you go along. 

Applications close on 20 July. If residents haven’t applied by this date and are eligible, the money will be credited to their council tax account. 

To apply, visit the energy rebates page and click the form link.

Payment will be made within four weeks, though it is expected to be a lot quicker than that. 

Published: 20 June 2022