Pleas from the town’s trees

"Help us, Help us! Please give us some of your water!" These are the 'pleas from the trees' who are getting a bit parched during this period of rather hot weather.

We have hundreds of recently planted trees across the borough - and though we have been watering them, we were expecting the usual British summer rain to help us along - not this extreme hot and dry spell!

So we are putting out a call to anyone who appreciates a bit of greenery in Slough to help us protect our young trees.

If you see a young tree, held upright with a wooden stake whether in a planter, park or grass verge, show it some love by pouring a bottle, watering can or bucket of water carefully onto the bottom of the tree.

Or if it has a watering tube please use that as it means water goes directly to the roots.

We don't want our trees to go all brown and crispy so please help us help the trees.

Answer the pleas from the trees!

Published: 14 July 2022