Report seeks Cabinet approval to re-commission voluntary and community sector services

A report going to Cabinet on 21 November is seeking approval to re-commission two services for the delivery of a voluntary and community sector support service and an advice and information service, to replace existing provision when current contracts expire in June 2023.

These services are to:

  • provide support to community groups to help them develop, including volunteer support, whilst making these groups more easily available to residents, as well as health, care, and support staff, and
  • continue to develop advice and information services to support residents across Slough.

These services will be part of the preventative work undertaken across Slough to enable people to get help closer to home and continue to be active members of their community.

Part of the Cabinet paper seeks approval to bring the Carers service, that is currently provided by Slough CVS, back in-house when the contract expires in June.

The suggestion is that carers assessments and some activities run currently by Slough CVS will be undertaken by a Carers Co-ordinator who will be part of the adult social care team in the council. As well linking in with carers support groups and supporting access to carers groups and activities within the community.

Any changes in the service will be co-designed with carers and the wider voluntary and community sector.

Marc Gadsby, executive director people (adults), said: “For any current users of Slough Carers Support, we don’t want you to worry about these suggested changes. If approved by Cabinet, bringing on board a Carers Co-ordinator to run the service as part of our team will mean we will continue to help and support our carers throughout Slough, building on the great work that Slough Carers Support have done.”

Published: 11 November 2022