Traffic light improvement works

The latest in a series of traffic light improvement works has been completed, after the council bid and won £0.5m funding from the Department for Transport.

Over the last 18 months, the council, supported by their partners Yunex Traffic, Atkins and 4way Consulting, have been working to design, procure, install and commission a number of renewed and enhanced traffic signals across Slough.

Four signal-controlled pedestrian crossings were replaced with new at:
•    High Street/Spackmans Way
•    Farnham Road/Gloucester Avenue
•    Elliman Avenue/Shackleton Road
•    Parlaunt Road/Thames Road.

A fifth crossing will be replaced in late March at Albert Street/Kenilworth Close.

Two sets of ‘shuttle working’ signals, which alternate flows of traffic on a one-way section of road, have been replaced and upgraded, at:
•    Huntercombe Lane North rail bridge
•    St Mary’s Road rail bridge (switched on 24 February). 

Both of the ‘shuttle’ sites will shortly be fitted with advanced radar vehicle detection and intelligent signal control software called MOVA, which will be used together to give better control of the signals, reducing congestion and delays. 

The junction of Uxbridge Road and Goodman Park has also been upgraded and MOVA control will be made operational here, as soon as possible. 

Councillor Mohammed Nazir, cabinet member for transport and the local environment, said: “All the sites upgraded were chosen based on both the level of need and deliverability. Either the original signals were old, obsolete, becoming unreliable, or difficult or impossible to maintain. Unfortunately, £0.5m doesn’t go far when upgrading signals and we tried to get as many sites delivered as we possibly could.”

Published: 1 March 2023