A4 Safer Roads scheme

Plans for the implementation of further road safety measures on the A4 were approved at Cabinet on Monday. 

Cabinet was asked to approve measures to help reduce and prevent accidents, from the Huntercombe crossroads at the borough boundary to the intersection of the M4 Junction 5 roundabout.

A summary of the planned risk-reduction measures include:

  • 30mph speed limit along appropriate stretches of the A4 – to reduce the severity of collisions when they occur (this was approved by Cabinet in December 2022)
  • average speed cameras
  • red-light camera systems – to detect speed, red-light violations, illegal turns and pedestrian crossing violations (to be implemented jointly with Thames Valley Police)
  • road surface treatments – to improve vehicle grip, where required
  • traffic signal improvements
  • improved pedestrian and cycle crossings for safe and sustainable transport
  • removal of roadside hazards - improve visibility for all road users by removing guard-rail and other furniture
  • decluttering - improve visibility and obstructions that could create an increased severity if struck by vehicles or cyclists.

The works will be entirely funded by £1.7m from the Department for Transport’s Safer Roads Fund and will be in parallel with the A4 cycle scheme currently in development. 

The A4 in Slough was identified as having a disproportionate number of casualties, based on the criteria set by the DfT. In 2016, the A4 between its junction with Huntercombe Lane South/North and the A4/M4 Junction 5, was identified as one of the 50 high-risk roads in England by the Road Safety Foundation. 

The purpose of the funding for this scheme is to reduce the number of fatal and serious injuries for all road users along the A4 in Slough and the associated impact on families affected by collisions.

An analysis of fatal and serious collisions was undertaken by the DfT that showed three fatal and 44 serious collisions on this route between 2011-2015.

Fatal and serious collisions between 2016 to February 2022 show there were an additional four fatal and 42 serious collisions on the A4.

Councillor Puja Bedi, lead member for transport, housing, highways, the environment and environmental services, said: “The A4 is our main route through the town, and it is used by thousands of drivers every day. We are committed to making the route as safe as possible for everyone, as one death is one too many. If we implement the suggested measures, I believe this will make a difference. 

“Providing a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists will increase confidence in our residents and commuters to use more sustainable modes of transport, especially for shorter journeys.

“A scheme such as this will live out our value of a town where residents live healthier, safer and more independent lives.”

A consultation exercise has been undertaken, which incorporated the Safer Roads and A4 Cycle schemes. 

To view the Cabinet meeting papers, visit the council’s website.

Published: 22 November 2023