Council Chief Executive to stand down

Stephen Brown in Observatory House Atrium

Slough Borough Council has today (15 March 2024) announced Stephen Brown will stand down as Chief Executive after two years in the role.

Plans and timescale to appoint a replacement will be confirmed in due course.

Stephen said: “I joined this council some two years ago, having previously retired from being a Chief Executive, and it was never my intention to be here for more than a couple of years.

“Having joined at a time of extreme volatility, I am pleased to have been able to bring stability to the organisation at a time when it needed a full-time Chief Executive, and the role has been a really interesting and enjoyable experience.

“However, I strongly feel, as the restructure is nearly complete, the new team should have a new Chief Executive to lead it – one who can set the future direction and can commit to being around for a longer period to deliver it.

“I am really positive about the opportunities for the fantastic new appointments we have made as they join the dedicated and talented colleagues already here.

“It has been an honour to have been at the helm of this organisation, and I am proud I am leaving it with a new budget and an agreed medium term financial plan, as well as a corporate plan which sets out our commitment to close the healthy life expectancy gap by focusing on children, something I am really committed to and have been proud to be involved in.

“I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to say more before I go, and to put on record how much I have enjoyed working with the residents of Slough and getting to know the borough.

“I have become a big fan of Slough as a town and a place and especially its people. It’s amazing how a town as diverse as Slough can still be so incredibly cohesive as a society. It’s also so well placed geographically and has massive economic potential for the future, and I know it will go from strength to strength.

“Finally, I want to acknowledge the hard work of so many officers over many years, and to recognise it was never their fault this financial situation occurred.”

Leader of Slough Borough Council, Dexter Smith said: "I wish to record my personal thanks to Stephen, but also to thank him on behalf of the Cabinet and the whole council for his dedication and determination as our Chief Executive – a role complicated by the council's position, being "in intervention" after its effective bankruptcy in 2021.

“I have enjoyed working closely with Stephen since becoming Leader last May. His commitment and positivity have helped us greatly in making progress in very challenging circumstances.

“Stephen has put some key building blocks in place that are helping this council on its journey to become fully fit for purpose".

 Lead Commissioner Gavin Jones said: “Since the intervention Stephen has been responsible for the council’s improvement efforts and has worked collaboratively with Commissioners.

“We are grateful for the contribution he has made.”

Published: 15 March 2024