Two dozen gas canisters found in domestic waste

Gas canisters

Gas canisters are still being put into domestic bins by residents, a practice which can cause an explosion if crushed in the bin lorry machinery.

An urgent reminder is being sent to all residents that the grey household bins, or communal waste bins, are not the place for nitrous oxide or helium gas canisters, after more than 20 were found in recent weeks. 

In recent incidents, 12 metal nitrous oxide canisters were found in a communal bin, six were found in one household bin, a helium canister was found in another household bin and five nitrous oxide canisters were found in a grey wheelie bin.

Just this morning (2 July), more nitrous oxide canisters were found in a separate communal bin. 

Matthew Hooper, the council’s director of environment and highways, said: “Following the incident in May where two of our operatives had a lucky escape from a flying gas canister, it’s disappointing to see people are still putting them in their bin. 

“These canisters, whether it be for a gas barbecue, or for blowing up balloons, are not normal household waste and therefore they should not be placed in grey or communal waste bins.

“Gas canisters can be disposed of for free at Chalvey Household Waste and Recycling Centre. If they are put into a normal bin and into our rubbish compactor, they can represent a serious hazard to our waste collection team and can cause damage to machinery. 

“We need residents to be responsible with how they dispose of them and not put our team’s lives at risk.”

Waste collection operatives are on the lookout for any further breaches of the policy and bins containing these canisters will not be collected. 

Matthew added: “We are putting the safety of our operatives first and we ask residents to do the same.”

To find a list of what can be put into each colour bin, visit the council's website

Published: 2 July 2024