Household Support Fund (HSF) applications open

The HSF scheme has been running for several years and new funding means it can be extended until 30 September. 

The grant of £1,177,691.53 is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and it is designed to help low-income households such as families with children, pensioners, unpaid carers, care leavers and disabled people. 

Applications can be made if you meet the eligibility criteria and the money is to cover basic living costs such as energy, food, water bills, essential goods and housing costs, as a last resort, only where existing housing support scheme do not meet the needs. 

Most of the award will be given in goods or services by online vouchers. 

The support offered will be:
•    £10 food vouchers, per week per child, to households in receipt of Free School Meals during school holidays up to 30 September
•    the direct provision of support to care leavers and other vulnerable families
•    for individuals and families who are eligible. 

Applications are welcome from all, but those who have missed out on previous support packages are encouraged to apply. 

Those encouraged to apply include:
•    those who receive non-means tested benefits
•    disabled people with increases in utility bills due to usage of equipment or transport costs
•    those in receipt of housing benefit only, for example those living in houses in multiple occupation and paying for fuel through meters etc
•    people who are entitled to, but not claiming, qualifying benefits
•    groups vulnerable to rising prices.

Councillor Mabu Shaik, lead member for I.T, customer services, revenue & benefits, procurement and performance, said: “This funding has strict rules about what it can be used for, which is why most of it is given through vouchers for food shops or energy bills. 

“You can apply for a one off award, even if you have applied and received support from previous funding before. Each application is assessed against the eligibility criteria.”

To find out more, and apply, visit the HSF webpage

Published: 5 July 2024